Building Business with Entrepreneurship


Building Business with Entrepreneurship

By : Septian Prima Rusbariandi


Business is important part of human life. With a business, the human can doing transaction for mutually to get their demands, so that will attain a advantage for performer business transaction, whether it’s traders, businessman or consumers.

Business activity can be found anywhere, starting from the smallest business to the large business. Every person starting a business in a way different, there are started its business with small capital but there also started its business with a very large capital. One’s aim in business there are miscellaneous, there persons did business for fill their needs, did business for open jobs, did business to enjoying their hobbies, or did business for help much people in order to get what people or consumer needed.

Talk about the business would also be associated with entrepreneurship. In Indonesia, quantities of independent entrepreneurs or as businessman are still below the standard of the amount that should be in a state, namely 2% of the total amount of citizens of the state. Quoted from RepublikaOnline (17 march, 2012), mentioned that from about 231,8 million people in Indonesia is only 55,6 thousand persons or 0,24 percent has became independent entrepreneurs. This is still a long way with other Asian countries; the percentage of entrepreneur in Indonesia is still small. In Singapore has an amount entrepreneur 7 percent and in China 10 percent.

Therefore increasing the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia currently is a part of something positive. Because with there entrepreneurships, it includes activities to help countries in minimizing poverty and unemployment. We hope that the number of independent entrepreneurs in Indonesia to support the progress of increasing business transactions in Indonesia and also to support the progress of the country Indonesia. Hopefully.

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